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How does Carnegie's CETO technology harness wave energy?

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Carnegie's CETO wave energy technology is a unique approach to harnessing wave energy. The technology sits fully submerged beneath the ocean surface and consists of a buoy which moves with the ocean's waves. We capture the up and down movement of that buoy to drive a pump which is attached to the sea floor. The pump in turn delivers high pressure water through a pipe back ashore and once onshore that high pressure water is used to drive a hydro electric turbine, an off the shelf turbine being proven technology for many years. Because of that hydraulic pumping nature of the technology, we can also use the hydraulic power to power an off the shelf reverse osmosis desalination plant. This makes CETO capable of producing both clean power and clean water.

About CWE
Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is an Australian, ASX-listed (ASX:CWE) wave energy technology developer. Carnegie is the 100% owner and developer of the CETO Wave Energy Technology intellectual property.

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